Presentation of Aca

Established in 1956, the Luxembourg Insurance and Reinsurance Association (ACA) is the professional organization representing the insurance and reinsurance companies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

ACA’s main mission is the protection and development of the professional interests of its members and the promotion of insurance and reinsurance activities both on the national and international scale.

The mission of Aca consists in :

  1. Establishing a permanent contact between the insurance companies and strenghten the ties between their representatives in order to facilitate the examination of all issues relevant to their business ;
  2. Studying legal, tax, litigation, administrative, technical, commercial, financial and social issues ; in order to fulfill this mission, it collects and aggregates statistical data of its members ;
  3. Initiating and coordinating training activities in the interest of its members’ activities ;
  4. Representing its members at all public and private institutions, both national and international ;
  5. Informing its members about the current problems of the profession ;
  6. Being representative of its members in the sectoral social dialogue ;
  7. Initiating and carrying out public relations and promoting the luxembourgish insurance sector ;
  8. Adopting rules of conduct and ethical principles applicable to the profession and organizing insurance mediation.
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