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ACA Insurance Days, developed and organised by ACA since 2013, has become “the must-attend event for the insurance industry in Luxembourg”.
ACA Insurance Days 2021 will consist of two 1.5 hour sessions of fast-paced discussions with industry experts, live broadcasts of testimonys and a prestigious evening event in Luxembourg.

• 2 live webinars
• A sold-out academic session with interventions by the Luxembourg Minister of Finance and an inspiring keynote speech

More than 1000 professionals from the financial sector attend this event each year to discuss the hottest topics of the insurance industry.


ACA Insurance Days 2021 is two 1.5 hour sessions of fast-paced discussions with industry experts, live broadcasts of interviews and a prestigious evening event in Luxembourg.

Expert Debate

Regulations are supposed to better protect European consumers, but a growing rulebook may actually be making them less so. The vast number of rules alone overwhelms businesses and individuals, diverting attention away from regulation’s end goal and placing the focus on compliance. Regulators can make us safer by writing clear, simpler rules and eliminating ineffective regulations. Instead of telling businesses how to solve problems with prescriptive regulations, regulators should define outcomes leaving businesses to work out the details.

While insurers firmly support high-quality EU legislation, they are now confronted with an increased quantity of regulations and continuous regulatory changes, leading to poor consumer outcome due to too short implementation timelines. From 10 regulations 10 years ago to 26 applicable today, 10 others newly agreed or presented, and a lot more in the pipeline or being reviewed : is this “regulatory fatigue” a necessary evil ?

Moderator : Valérie Tollet (ACA)
Speaker : Michaela Koller (Insurance Europe)
Speaker : Marc Lauer (Foyer)
Speaker : Paul Péporté (Allen & Overy)

In discussion with

The professions and expertise related to marine insurance remain unknown to the general public. This year, an incident that had a major impact on our economy put non-life insurers in the spotlight. How did they deal with this incident and its repercussions? What challenges did they face? What were the guarantees subscribed and by who? These are some of the questions we will discuss in this new ``In discussion with...`` with Christian Kanu, CEO of Tokio Marine Europe.

Léa Zanda (ACA) and Christian Kanu (Tokio Marine)

Expert Talk

Climate change, cyber risks, artificial intelligence, new pandemics, mental health, geopolitical risks, social protest movements... the list of risks that threaten us is long.

Climate change is more than ever in the news, and cyber risks are also the subject of many discussions. But are they well understood? How far could these risks impact on the world as we know it? The recent Covid 19 pandemic was a brutal demonstration of how a known risk can change our lives in a matter of weeks.

Insurers and reinsurers are in the eye of the storm, both because they are themselves threatened by emerging risks as a business, but also because they are central players in the protection and repair systems.

A crucial question for our industry is how to effectively combat these risks: bet on a total focus on anticipation so that they do not materialize? accept that some risks will happen in any case and prepare to deal with the consequences?

So, action or reaction? Find out by watching our speakers debate it in the expert talk on 23 November and join our live chat to give us your opinion and ask all your questions.

Moderator : Sarah Hartmann (ACA)
Speaker : Olivier Desbiey (AXA)
Speaker : Valérie Scheepers (CAA)
Speaker : Cédric Mauny (Telindus)

In discussion with

In a sustained environment of low interest rates, well-informed investors are increasingly interested in non-listed products in order to diversify their savings and to decouple returns from the markets. Luxembourg life insurance, because it offers an unparalleled investment universe, and because Luxembourg insurers have particular expertise, makes it possible to combine the yield and possibilities of non-listed investments with life insurance in the same package, and thus to plan the transfer of these savings.

What is the specific mechanism of private equity in life insurance? Can private equity really meet investors' expectations? What are the prospects for non-listed products? These are some of the questions we will discuss in this new ``In discussion with...`` with Stéphanie Hein, Finance and Investment Manager of WEALINS (Groupe Foyer).

Hadrien Bertrand (ACA) and Stéphanie Hein (Wealins)

– Dame Inga Beale (Portfolio director. Inspirational speaker. Experienced CEO)
– Sandrine Chabrerie (Directrice des affaires européennes | ACA Luxembourg)
– Thierry Flamand (President of the Executive Committee | Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA)
– Pierre Gramegna (Ministre des Finances | Gouvernement Luxembourgeois)
– Marc Hengen (CEO | ACA Luxembourg)
– Marc Lauer (Président | ACA Luxembourg)

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Our speakers

Discover our exceptional speakers who will speak at ACA Insurance Days 2021

Dame Inga Beale
Portfolio director. Inspirational speaker. Experienced CEO

Thierry Flamand
President of the Executive Committee | Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA)

Marc Hengen
CEO | ACA Luxembourg

Cédric Mauny
Head of Cybersecurity Services chez Telindus

Léa Zanda
Legal & Tax Adviser | ACA Luxembourg

Hadrien Bertrand
Conseiller économique | ACA Luxembourg

Pierre Gramegna
Ministre des Finances | Gouvernement Luxembourgeois

Christian Kanu
CEO | Tokio Marine Europe

Paul Péporté
Partner at Allen & Overy

Sandrine Chabrerie
Directrice des affaires européennes | ACA Luxembourg

Sarah Hartmann
Conseillère juridique | ACA Luxembourg

Michaela Koller
Director General | Insurance Europe

Valérie Scheepers
Head of the Non Life and Reinsurance department, member of the Executive Board | CAA

Olivier Desbiey
Group Head of Foresight | AXA

Stéphanie Hein
Finance and Investment Manager | WEALINS S.A. (Groupe Foyer)

Marc Lauer
CEO | Groupe Foyer

Valérie Tollet
Legal & Tax Adviser | ACA Luxembourg

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Will the conferences be held digitally or physically?

This year, we propose a program spread across 3 days: November 16, 23 and 25. All 3 conferences will be broadcasted live. To register, click here.

However, upon invitation by ACA, you can also attend the academic session in person. Each invited person will then receive via e-mail with all the ways in which to participate.

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During the event:

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After I complete the form, which sessions am I registered for?

Once you have completed the registration form, you will automatically be registered for the entire ACA Insurance Days 2021 event. This includes access to all 3 days: November 16, 23 and 25.

In what language are the lectures given?

The different sessions will be available in French as well as in English. You can choose your language directly during the live broadcast.

What is the ACA Insurance Innovation Awards?

For the second year in a row, ACA in partnership with LHoFT, is organising the ACA Insurance Innovation Awards to recognise the start-up that has made the best contribution to the insurance industry this year.

9 start-ups have been selected by ACA, LHoFT, Luxembourg for Finance and the Ministry of Finance. After having pitched in front of a jury composed of professionals from the insurance industry, we invite you to participate and  vote to choose the winner of the 2021 edition. Votes will be open until November 24 and the prize will be awarded in the presence of Pierre Gramegna during the academic session on November 25, 2021.

The different presentations are available on the platform where the event will take place. To consult them, please register by clicking here

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