1.5 hours of fast-paced discussions led by industry experts. The event commenced with a panel, the "Expert Talk," and will be followed by an interview, the "In Discussion With.

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After three years of unforgettable digital experiences, ACA is thrilled to provide a portion of our community with the opportunity to attend our conference in person. While physical presence is limited by venue capacity, we've thought of each and every one of you! That's why we also offer you the chance to follow these discussions live by signing up for our online streaming broadcast.

November 21, 2024

#ACAID Conference


Renowned experts, including Vincent Arnal, Head of the IT Department at Lalux Assurances, Jean Elia, CEO of Sogelife Luxembourg, Habib Guergachi, Independent Administrator, and Patrice Witz, Technology & Digital Partner at PwC Luxembourg, discussed the rapid evolution of new technologies in the field of insurance. From simple algorithms to advanced artificial intelligence, these new technologies have become indispensable. The discussions shed light on the current impact of these technologies and their role in the future of insurance. The importance of the human factor in this transformation was emphasized, highlighting the essential skills that employees at all levels must acquire to succeed in this rapidly evolving digital environment.

The second highlight of this conference was the discussion with Valérie Mariatte-Wood, Head of the Consumer Protection Department at EIOPA. This interview provided insights into how the consumer’s voice influences the distribution of insurance products, taking into account recent regulations, notably the Retail Investment Strategy of the European Commission. Consumer expectations have stimulated regulatory changes related to the future distribution of insurance products.


Découvrez nos speakers d'exception qui interviendront lors de la conférence de l'ACA Insurance Day 2023

Highlights #ACAID 2023


1.5 hours of fast-paced discussions led by industry experts. The event commenced with a panel, the "Expert Talk," and will be followed by an interview, the "In Discussion With.

Séance ACAdémique

Sold out, this prestigious event is an opportunity for our members and guests to come together and continue fostering meaningful exchanges.

Boîte à Questions

Settled comfortably in the ACA View, with a screen as their sole interlocutor, various personalities from the insurance community answer the questions posed to them. A lighthearted and friendly interview that doesn't take itself too seriously, offering a fresh perspective on the industry!

ACA Insurance Innovation Award

The ACA Innovation Awards is a complementary event to the ACA Insurance Day that excites our members and showcases how innovation is at the heart of concerns for Luxembourgish insurers. It facilitates connections with startups, which in turn bring visibility to the ACA Insurance Day.

Relive the best moments of the ACA Insurance Days

Since its first edition in 2013, the ACA Insurance Day has evolved to become much more than a mere event: it has now become the essential gathering for the insurance industry in Luxembourg. Over the years, this annual event, more than just a meeting, has brought together the ACA community in a spirit of sharing and dialogue. By highlighting crucial topics for the sector, the ACA Insurance Day has created a platform where leading experts delve into critical themes, fostering the creation of rich and constructive exchanges.

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